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SSAAANZ reviewed successful ARC Discovery grants from 2011-2013 that included film, television, and digital media. Many of these projects were classified under the Cultural Studies FOR, or other related fields. Of the 12 or 13 Discovery projects loosely in the area of screen studies (awarded DP2011-2013) only 2 have level B or C academics as 1st CI. Of the 38 researchers working on these combined projects, 10 are postcocs, or Level B or C and all but the aforementioned two have a Level E as 1st CI.

While this does reflect the introduction of DECRAs, it may also point to the importance of research mentorship and collaboration for early and mid-career researchers. The spread of projects shows a high degree of interdisciplinarity, with only 1 project per year using the 1902 Film TV and Digital Media code as its primary classification (an additional 1902 project on “Atmoscapes” is purely digital media, not screen studies, so it should probably be excluded). The overview also shows a diminishing success rate in our area, though this may be counterbalanced by new initiatives in the digital humanities, which will probably be visible in Linkage projects over the same period.

Download the ARC Research Outcome 2011-2013 Discovery Projects XLS [45 KB]

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